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My Healthy Cooking Coach
Ubisoft just announced its first game to take advantage of the DSi's camera feature, and it's, uh, My Healthy Cooking Coach (or simply My Cooking Coach in the UK). The game will work on both DS and DSi, but DSi owners will have access to ten extra recipes for some reason (mostly just to make DSi owners feel special, probably), and will be able to use pictures taken with the DSi camera in their own chef profiles. The press release mentions DS and DSi versions, so we've contacted Ubisoft to clarify, in case there are separate cartridges for each system [Update: it's just one DSi-enhanced cartridge].

My Cooking Coach contains 240 healthy recipes, along with "tips and tricks to create healthy and delicious meals that will delight friends and family." My Cooking Coach will arrive in June.
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