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PSP is slowly adopting more and more features of the PS3. With firmware update 5.50, PSP will add "Information Board" to the XMB (PS3 version pictured above). This feature will allow PSP owners to quickly access news bits from Sony about new additions to the PlayStation Store.

In addition, the firmware update will allow users to create and access sub-folders on the Memory Stick for music, photos and videos. The internet browser will also feature a trial of Trend Micro's "Kid's Safety" service, so parents can finally put an end to their children's insatiable appetite for PSP porn.
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Click to see full box art.
Ready to go Monster Hunt-ing? An English language demo of the upcoming Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be ready in June. The demo, which will be available on the PlayStation Store this June, will feature multiple missions that can be played alone, or with friends through Ad-Hoc multiplayer. The demo will begin with a higher level character, skilled with major weapon types, so you'll be able to get a taste of what the game is like when you're not a total n00b.

Monster Hunter is one of Japan's largest franchises, and has revived the PSP scene in Japan. We're not sure if Capcom will be able to recreate that success here in the States, but they're certainly ... Read more »
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