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Monster Hunter possibilty

Capcom isn't content with the five gazillion dollars of money it's made with the Monster Hunter series in Japan so far. No, the company is looking to make American gamers follow suit by turning the multiplayer RPG to the gaming equivalent of crack cocaine. Speaking to MCV, Capcom's Ryozo Tsujimoto admitted there has been a serious lack of marketing for the Monster Hunter games. This will be rectified for the upcoming PSP release, dubbed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. "This time we're taking things far more seriously in terms of the promotion," Tsujimoto said. "The first step is to actually get the game noticed. No one here knows what the game is so we just need to spread the name of Monster Hunter."

A lengthy new trailer (seen after the break) may be the first step in a long campaign to raise awareness with the English speaking community. If Capcom can get the buzz flowing around Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, we may see an even bigger push for the Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter 3.
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