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An interview with Tetsuya Nomura in the latest issue of Japan's Weekly Famistu finally sheds more light on PSP's installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, Birth By Sleep. 1UP reports that, in the article, the series' creator reveals that the game's three main characters will be playable in their own, separate campaigns, complete with unique boss battles. Nomura also estimates that each character's play-through should take about 15 hours.

Famitsu's story also mentions that Birth By Sleep will incorporate the worlds of Cinderella and Lilo & Stitch, the latter set in deep space before the cut ... Read more »
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The upcoming PSP port of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars will be available -- in both UMD and PSP Go-friendly downloadable formats -- on October 20th. Rockstar Games still hasn't shown what kind of enhancements will be made to the one-time DS game, nor have they released any screenshots of the game in action. We understand Rockstar's penchant for secrecy, but considering this is one of the few titles 2K Games has planned for the holiday season, we recommend they get the hype-wagon (pictured above) revved up soon.
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