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Fate/Unlimited Codes for psp go!
Capcom's latest downloadable title, Fate/Unlimited Codes, is set to drop on the PlayStation Store on September 3. Developed by Eighting (the team behind Tatsunoko Vs Capcom), Fate/Unlimited Codes is a fighter specifically designed for the PSP Go, based on a popular Japanese anime franchise.

Originally a PlayStation 2 title in Japan in 2008, Fate/Unlimited Codes has been available for the PSP in the Far East since June, but the pseudo-3D fighter hopes to make a splash when it lands on North American and European shores next week. The story of Fate/Unlimited Codes goes like this: Seven masters and servants battle for control of a small Japanese town's "Holy Grail," which can grant the winner anything they wish. What would we wish for? For it to be September 3, so we can get our hands on Capcom's latest. Oh, and a pony!
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