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There are three games up for grabs on XBLA this week, and all of them offer something different. Encleverment Experiment (800, $10) seeks to test your brain power as well as the brain power of your friends (or random strangers on Xbox Live). Meanwhile NBA Unrivaled (1200, $15) brings arcade basketball with massive dunks (and odd character animations). Finally, 0D Beat Drop ... Read more »
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Hudson released a pair of trailers for Calling, due out in Japan on November 19. We don't know if this will reflect on the actual scare content of the game, but the trailer above is creeeepy, bearing all the hallmarks of Japanese horror -- by which we mean terrifying little girls getting in your face, and that weird head-rattling motion (in this case performed by dolls).

After the break, see another video demonstrating gameplay. Not only can the Wiimote be used to simulate the in-game cell phone, but apparently that phone can be used as a teleportation device? But ... that wou ... Read more »
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Earlier today, website Scrawl stumbled upon what appears to be an unintentional first glimpse at a major PS3 firmware update. The somewhat tiny images Scrawl found buried, yet publicly accessible on Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's website, seem to hint at native Facebook integration on the console, along with the ability to change "gamer card" colors (as if the current friends list wasn't obnoxious enough) and view thumbnails of photos in a grid layout.

The images are still< ... Read more »
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Handhelds have a penchant for donning new colors, and the PSP Go is likely to be no different. A Destructoid reader was invited to take a survey conducted by UK marketing firm Research Now. The survey pictured a number of colors, including the already-available Piano Black and Pearl White systems. Some of the colors catch our eye, like Bright Red and Blue -- but colors like Lemon and Coral look a bit too much like urine and vomit, respectively.

Of course, new colors don't really matter without the appropriate software. We wonder if anything will ever be ... Read more »
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