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Getting up.....Again?

Back in 2006, developer The Collective (now defunct) and publisher Atari released Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. The third person action game was heavily hyped before hand because the game had creative involvement by urban fashion icon Marc Ecko. In the end, however, the game got mixed reviews and was a sales bomb. At the time Ecko didn't care for the critics's views on the game and said they were like "the guys who got wedgies in high school."

Well, it's been over three years since the game's release and now Ecko, speaking to Destructoid, claims he wants to revist Getting Up. He has apparently shifted the blame on the first game's failure to Atari, stating, "Atari s*** the bed, you know? And I'm gonna f***ing make that game again if it kills me. I'm gonna do it. I want to see the brand out there again." Well we just hope that if a second game does come how he actually goes back and reads the reviews of the original from "the guys who got wedgies in high school." He might learn something.
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Indeed- because the game istlef was mainly composed of pixels the size of legos, the box, cartridge, and instruction art had to utilize the imagination more so than probably the art of today. And there's a particular style that is also seen in posters for movies of that era (Star Wars comes to mind) in which juxtaposition of many elements gives the idea of motion or commotion to provide an initial mental image of what is going on on the screen, and allows the player to use their imagination even further.Love it.

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