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Just when you thought he'd finally get around to avenging his father's death, Ryo Hazuki has appended one more thing to his lackadaisical to-do list: "Appear as a playable competitor in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing." It seems Sega might have a lucky hit (how about it?) on its hands, especially if the compulsion to purchase any new Shenmue-related material -- no matter how tactlessly integrated -- is as strong with you as it is with us.

Of course, one can hope (in vain) that Ryo and his forkl ... Read more »
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We can look back and laugh at the funny dialogue and ... Read more »
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SNK Playmore has announced that it's bringing Metal Slug XX ("double X") to the PSP. The title is set to release on December 23 in Japan, with an asking price of ¥5,040 ($56). A remixed version of Metal Slug 7, the game includes ad-hoc cooperative play, over 70 mini-games and, as is tradition, lots of bullets. SNK was kind enough to release a trailer for the g ... Read more »
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It's not immediately evident how flawed The Lost Frontier is when you begin playing it. Perhaps it's because that's exactly what you don't do for the first ten minutes. From the moment the PSP logo fades away, players are thrust into a lengthy cutscene with Jak, Daxter and Keira searching for more eco. What's eco, you ask? If you're new to the franchise (or you've simply forgotten in the five years since Jak 3), The Last Frontier makes no attempt at reintroducing the world or the characters that inhabit it. What is Jak's secret ability? Who are ... Read more »
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