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Metal Slug: Double X (FOR PSP)
SNK Playmore has announced that it's bringing Metal Slug XX ("double X") to the PSP. The title is set to release on December 23 in Japan, with an asking price of ¥5,040 ($56). A remixed version of Metal Slug 7, the game includes ad-hoc cooperative play, over 70 mini-games and, as is tradition, lots of bullets. SNK was kind enough to release a trailer for the game, so you won't have to imagine how chaotic the game will undoubtedly be.
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So this is a bonafide XBLA game? I thghout it was an XBOX Original of the release from years ago. That version was somewhat FUBAR from what I remember.I like that the Neo Geo is finally getting the DLC love, since it's a console practically nobody owned, and the games were as expensive and often more than the console itself.The Virtual Console is getting some of those crazy first-gen Neo Geo games that nobody remembers. Top Hunter and Blue's Journey aren't what I was expecting when I heard the Neo was coming to the VC. I want Super Spy, Nam '75, and both Crossed Swords with Wiimote + Nunchuck support.

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