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Dissidia, the Final Fantasy fighter, is hitting western PSPs later this year. While series spokesperson Tetsuya Nomura says a sequel would be difficult to do, another Square Enix producer thinks differently. Speaking to Final Fantasy Union, Dissidia director Takeshi Arakawa said the team would "like to make an attempt to make a sequel." However, that comes with a clause: the game must ... Read more »
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Quite possibly the best title for a video game ever conceived, Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This? will be arriving in the US this July. The retro-styled action game has you going against those pesky "heroes" in a Overlord-esque adventure to reign as the best anti-hero in the world. This trailer should give you a pretty good idea on how it plays.

Although the game has a very simple look and feel, it's getting a full UMD release this summer. Perhaps NIS America would like to consider a PlayStation Network release as well? Badman looks like it would be a perfect fit for digital distribution.
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The PSP enhanced port of Disgaea 2 will be getting a US release this year. Dark Hero Days will feature all the content of the original SRPG, but will add new story chapters, a new main character and additional skills, items and side characters. New battle features introduced in Disgaea 3 will also be transplanted into this portable game.

While the game's trailer specifically states a Summer release, the press release says the game will release in the Fall. Either way, you'll be able to play the game this year. Keen observers will see a PlayStation Network icon at the end of the trailer -- could this title be digitally distributed?
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Horror is difficult to get across on a portable. After all, if things get too unnerving, you simply toss the system aside and breathe easy. That said, Playlogic is the latest to try its hand at fright on the go, announcing plans to again port Obscure: The Aftermath to yet another platform -- the PSP.

Set to ship in North America this September, the sequel to 2005's Obscure looks to offer much of the same B-movie shock value as it has on other platforms, just on a smaller screen. Still, our previous time with the teen horror romp was more annoying than scary, and we doubt being able to play it while waiting fo ... Read more »
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