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Hey, fellow hunters in the PAL territory! Know that a demo of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be available to test your skills later this week. Capcom has a lot of high hopes for the franchise, and has taken great care in introducing the game to the West. With a demo hitting Europe on May 28, you'll finally get to see what all of the fuss is about. The demo landed on our shores Thursday, and we'd tell you all about it, but then that would ... Read more »
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Oh, so it's not discontinued after all, you say? Well, that's good for anyone looking to add a couple extra hours of battery life to their PSP. Those looking to grab one should check out SonyStyle, where a new model of the Extended Life PSP Battery has popped up. Though it's not yet available and listed as backordered (for $44.99), we know this battery is all-new, given the different model number (now PSP98560, was PSP-280) ... Read more »
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