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7:53 AM
Next Metal Gear annoucement

The countdown timer on Kojima Productions' teaser site for its next project -- launched one week ago today -- has reached zero, revealing ... another countdown! This one is set for a little more than 8 days, expiring on May 30, Tokyo time. It's also raining now, as if the sky itself is crying along with all of Kojima's patient fans.

Given the news earlier today that Japanese gaming mag Famitsu will unveil a Metal Gear project for a PlayStation platform on its May 30 issue's cover, we're literally counting the days until it hits. Still, keep your eyes on the skies.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Kojima and company were listening in on your theories of what the reveal might be. Maybe next time?

Update: If you watch the scene on the site long enough, you'll see the characters "5," (what is likely the typeface's equivalent of) "@," "E" and "3" briefly flash on the screen, one after the next. "5@E3" it is, then! We've added a gallery showing the not-so-cryptic characters below. The timer has also been adjusted for 120 hours -- 5 days -- ending on May 26. Just maybe the sun will come out a little early?
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