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We now have more information about the new PSP Go. It is expected to launch October 1, 2009 retailing at $249.99 US and 249.99 Euro's. It will launch in Japan on November 1. Here are some of the specs that were previously unknown:

* Approx. 12.8 x 16.5 x 69 mm (width x height x depth)
* Weight: 5.6 ounces (including battery)
* CPU: 333MHz
* 64MB memory
* 3.8-inch display (480 x 272 resolution)
* Built-in stereo speakers and microphone
* 802. ... Read more »
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The announcement of Super Mario Galaxy 2? Pretty much out of this world. Even better? Seeing for yourself what the game looks like in action. Yoshi swinging by his tongue, Mario making flowers grow -- it's all here on some truly fantastic-looking new worlds (along with some fresh takes on returning ones). Excited? You should bee (suit). Let's-a go!
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Our bingo card was off by just a couple of days. Nintendo didn't bother to introduce a new color for the Wii system during its E3 press conference ... or anywhere else in North America, for that matter. Japan got its own mini-megaton tonight in the form of a new black Wii system, which will release in Japan on August 1. In addition, accessories including the Wiimote, Classic Controller, and Classic Controller Pro, will also be released in black to coordinate with the new system and extract money from people wh ... Read more »
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Though the development team for Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days shied away from E3 this year due to the ever-present danger of Swine Flu, the game itself made an appearance, as computer software is impervious to most biological pandemics. As a result, our time with the game was completely unguided. Not that it mattered -- the game is classic Kingdom Hearts. Not card-based brawler Kingdom Hearts, not kart racer Kingdom Hearts, but the classic action-RPG Kingdom Hearts we fell in love with when it first landed on PS2.

Forget about the wide chasm between the graphical capabilities of the PS2 and the DS -- the game looks phenomenal. The controls have been ported over brilliantly, the only noticeable difference being t ... Read more »
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Konami's whipped Castlevania fans into a furor with the announcement of Lords of Shadow for PS3 and Xbox 360. Oh, and the fact that its development is being overseen by Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions. But Konami -- and we -- can only say so much about the game; you really have to see it in action for yourself to achieve the absolute height of excitement. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.
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One of the best things we've seen at E3, hands-down, has been the cartoon introduction to The Beatles: Rock Band. It was directed by Pete Candeland, of Gorillaz and Guitar Hero II animation fame. Seriously, this thing just makes our jaws collectively drop every time we see it, and we wish this was what the game actually looked like.

The animation magazine Frames Per Second has the most accurate description of t ... Read more »
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You all know the story by now. Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny is a PSP-exclusive version of Soulcalibur 4, featuring all of the improvements to the series in a bite-sized form. The demo we were presented with only had a few selectable characters, including Mitsurugi, Siegfried, and Cassandra.

The game handled itself well on the PSP, with no slowdown in framerate and, more or less, the console and arcade experience recreated fully. Some of the more complex items found in the backdrops have been removed, so the environments (in the demo at least) looked a bit stripped down, but everything else, again, was pretty much the same.
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PixelJunk Monsters is certainly not the first tower defense game, but it's the game that popularized the genre on consoles. When it debuted on PlayStation Network last year, it became an instant hit. The game was easy to understand, but deceptively challenging, encouraging players to master each level to get that all-elusive rainbow.

The original PS3 game actually was playable on the PSP via Remote Play. However, Q Games is now making a proper PSP version that's optimized for the small screen. For example, the camera is now zoomed in closer to the character. While this means less of the map can be seen at once, it makes seeing the towers and choosing the right ones much easier. It may take some time for PixelJunk vets to get used to, especially when the screen scrolls trying to follow you.

The ... Read more »
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Jak and Daxter are going where no .... green-haired dude and weasel thing have gone before. They're heading off to some place called the "Lost Frontier" in their new portable adventure for PSP (also available on PS2).

Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier looks like a standard Jak title with some added flying game mechanics. Check out the vid and see it in action. Maybe you'll want to brush up on those piloting skills.
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