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Ahh that old familiar feeling. It's been a few years since we played New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS -- and yes, we loved it with all of our bitter, embattled hearts. Three years later and the Nintendo Wii's sorta sequel of the DS hit is set to release this holiday. We did, however, get to put our dirty mitts on the game on the show floor at E3 (with three other folks in tow, to test out the four player co-op).

While the chaotic nature of the gameplay was a bit off-putting at first, we quickly found ourselves wall-j ... Read more »
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We got some hands-on time with an untethered PSP Go. So, unlike our one-hand-on with the system, this time we actually got to open and close it to our heart's content. The system definitely feels light, but solid. The opening and closing function is totally smooth, and we joked that the company should set up an IKEA-style live feed of it opening and closing until it snaps. Anyway, the video compares the Go's size (closed) to the iPhone and the standard PSP.
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Sony's John Koller, director of hardware marketing, stated in a recent interview that the company is considering a UMD game trade-in program for PSP Go customers. Speaking with Gizmodo, Koller stated the company plans to unveil a "good will program," allowing customers to link digital copies of their games to their Go.

Koller stated that in the past the company has seen a 20-25 percent "trade-up factor" among PSP owners. The company is apparently still in the "planning stages," but we contacted Sony to find out if there were any further details or timetable.
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