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Many gamers didn't respond well -- it's an outrage! -- to Capcom's plan to offer Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode as post-release DLC. It's easy to see why: The new, premium gameplay modes have been released less than a month after the retail game. Should Capcom have waited a bit longer to unveil these new modes? Perhaps. But after a few hours of gameplay, we can see other reasons to cry foul.

Versus Mode will be familiar to anyone that has played the bonus Mercenaries Mode included in RE5. The DLC is, essentially, a five dollar repackaging of Mercenaries, allowing players to forgo cooperation for deathmatch-style gameplay. It's a simple twist, and one that doesn't even provide the illusion of effort on Capcom's part. It's clear to us that Versus should (and could) have been part of the original retail pa ... Read more »
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In two weeks time, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will make its way to North America and Europe. For Europe at least, the release of this new Monster Hunter title will be marked with a special PSP bundle. Arriving day-and-date with the regular software, the bundle will include a copy of the game, a silver PSP-3000, a Monster Hunter-branded carrying pouch, screen wipe and a branded skin cover.

Expect to see this bundle on June 26 -- the official European release date. As for North America, the game will arrive three days earlier on Jun ... Read more »
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With all the complex new methods of interactivity and storytelling we saw out on the show floor, we desperately longed for something a bit less groundbreaking -- a palette cleanser, if you will. Our unique thirst was quenched during our EA booth tour, in which we got our hands on Army of Two: The 40th Day for PSP.

The portable version of the bullet-riddled buddy flick doffs the third-person shooter gameplay of the first Army of Two in favor of a top-down multi-directional shooter format, ala Smash TV. Two players can take their mercenarial show on the road through the locales of the console version of the game, blasting foes, using cover and managing aggro as they move from point A to point B. EA Montreal has taken a lot of care to po ... Read more »
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Perhaps Sony and Media Molecule could have thought up a more clever title: LittleBigPlanet: Portable Sized Platforming ... or Pint-sized Super Playfield. Ignoring the fact that these are terrible title suggestions, we'd have to say LittleBigPlanet PSP works so well because it captures the simple essence of what this game is all about. This is without a doubt LittleBigPlanet on-the-go, nuts, bolts and stickers included.

The colorful world of Sackboy and friends translates very well on the PSP screen. Sure, the game is missing many of the lighting and particle effects that make the PS3 game look so good, but considering PSP's limitations, this is an incredibly good fascimile of the original. Even in its early state, the framerate holds up surprisingly well. Even more surprising: it appears the g ... Read more »
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A game filled with zombies made by Tecmo -- sounds like a recipe for success, right? Unfortunately, the demo we saw at E3 didn't inspire much confidence in the upcoming PSP exclusive. Conceptually, Undead Knights seems ripe for fun: imagine creating a zombie horde to tear apart your enemies and do your bidding. Instead, what we saw at E3 was an unpolished, uninspired brawler that doesn't take advantage of its unique premise or the PSP hardware.

After an impressive CG intro, we see a world that's ... brown. Most games nowadays have broken away from a monochromatic color scheme, but looks like Undead Knights didn't get the memo. The drab look just doesn't look very good on the PSP screen. A hulking figure takes the screen, and starts pummeling enemies with a sword. How does this invovle z ... Read more »
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