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The PSP Go isn't just smaller than the original PSP series -- it's more powerful. In fact, it features a processor that's more than 40% faster than the original. The original PSP (1000-3000) series include a processor capable of reaching 333MHz speeds. FCC documents reveal that the PSP Go (N1001) includes a processor that can go up to 480MHz.

It's unclear what the added processor power will be used for. It may be necessary for PSP Go-specific features, like in-game XMB. But will it be used in more traditional gaming applications? If so, could we possibly see PSP Go-exclusive games? Perhaps. ... Read more »
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sure, Europe still has some slight delay when getting Square Enix PSP titles, when compared to the US, but at least when they arrive, they come with extra goodies. Crisis Core had a bonus art book and now Dissidia will be getting the collector's edition treatment.

This special edition will include a regular boxed copy of the game inside clamshell packaging, as shown in the image to the right. Also in the box will be a "Best Sele ... Read more »
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It looks like God Eater may be much more than a simple Monster Hunter clone. While the gameplay is focused on multiplayer monster slayin', we're digging the game's dark anime look. The music is particularly exciting to listen to. Check out the official website for another soothing piano ballad. We have to admit -- we're really getting pumped for this one.
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Just like its Japanese counterpart, the English language version of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will feature weekly downloadable content. Best of all, it'll be free! Expect updates every Friday for the next few months. The first content update, available today, is a new "Epic Hunting Quest" called "The Triumvirate of the Sands." This quest will feature the monsters Daimyo Hermitaur, Tigrex, Plesioth, and will take place in the desert (hence the "Sands" part, you see?). Survive and you'll be able to net 12300z.

In order to download the DLC, all you need to do is boot up the game in your PSP and click Download from the start menu. No need to log on to the PlayStation Network or download a ... Read more »
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