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FCC documents originally believed to have revealed that the PSP Go had a 480MHz processor -- over 40% more than the PSP (1000-3000) -- were actually talking about another part of the device ... the USB. Sony Computer Entertainment has stated that those extra megahertz are being used to clock the USB transfer and not the CPU.

So, other than the body and a slew of new access ... Read more »
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When the PSP first launched, did you suspect its games would ever look so good? A few years into the console's life, we're seeing a new generation of graphics on the system. Namco Bandai is really pushing the PSP envelope with Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny. The character models look convincing, many of them featuring the special "bounce" that gamers have come to expect. Destructible environments also return ... but in limited fashion. Watch the videos, and you too will be shocked!
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Originally released on PlayStation 2 back in May of 2004, Way of the Samurai 2 hit American shores by way of Japanese megapublisher Capcom. After bringing the first in the series to Japanese PSPs last year, the game's developer, Spike, recently announced in Famitsu that it'll be porting the sequel to the handheld.

Unfortunately, while the PSP is region-free, we doubt it'll come with an English language choice for those of you interested in living out your dreams of roaming the Japanese countryside, fighting injustice at every turn. And though we asked Capcom for comment on an American release, considering ... Read more »
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Koei has announced that the PSP distillation of its latest large-scale infantry combat themed console game will arrive in the US on August 25. Warriors Orochi 2 -- which, like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup of historic Asian warfare, features characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors -- will ring in at $29.99.

The game boasts a whopping 96 playable characters, two of which are new to this handheld incarnation. New game modes are also called for, including one which pits heroes versus heroes (sans armies) for close combat, tag-team scuffles. We're hopeful that Koei will have better luck in its attempts to break the 100 character mark with the inevitable Warriors Orochi 3.
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