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We know you've probably bought Myst eight or nine times by this point, but we thought you'd still like to know that a new iteration will soon be available -- this time, for the PSP. Hoplite Research, who collaborated with the adventure game's original developer Cyan Worlds to put the game on DS in December 2007, is dropping the game on the PlayStation Network next Thursday. Much like the DS version, the PSP port will contain all the Myst non-action you know and love, as well as the bonus Rime Age that appeared on Nintendo's handheld.

What the press release that revealed all this information lacked, however, was a price. We've contacted Hoplite to try and discern this crucial piece of informa ... Read more »
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After the King of Pop's passing last week, Joystiq has had an inordinately high volume of Michael Jackson-related stories. Day after day, the video game industry honored his passing -- free "Thriller" downloads on Xbox Live, Battlefield Heroes costumes, and a full on recreation of ... Read more »
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If you had told us five years ago that 2009 would be a year to remember for 2D fighters, we would've called you a crazy person and erased you from our buddy list. Sure enough, with solid releases Street Fighter IV and BlazBlue already dropping this year, and Marvel vs Capcom 2, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and, as the above video shows, King of Fighters XII awai ... Read more »
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Were it not for the plethora of PSP games hidden inside, we'd be wary of letting our children into a bus as colorful and suspicious as this one. SCEE has kicked off its "Summer of PSP" campaign by touring the UK with this gaudy, NAMBLA-approved vehicle. Here's the schedule:
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The popular anime series is getting a brand new action game on the PSP. Fullmetal Alchemist: Senaka wo Takuseshi Mono is what Siliconera is calling a "bonds battle game," where players use two-man teams in battle against other teams. For example, Edward and Alphonse may fight against Hawkeye and Mustang. Teammates will need to work together to unleash co-op attacks by building their bond.

The Fullmetal Alchemist games have originally been released by Square Enix in the States, but the franchise has since moved to a smaller publisher, Destineer. We're ... Read more »
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