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Way of the Samurai 2 on psp??? HECKZ YEAH!

Originally released on PlayStation 2 back in May of 2004, Way of the Samurai 2 hit American shores by way of Japanese megapublisher Capcom. After bringing the first in the series to Japanese PSPs last year, the game's developer, Spike, recently announced in Famitsu that it'll be porting the sequel to the handheld.

Unfortunately, while the PSP is region-free, we doubt it'll come with an English language choice for those of you interested in living out your dreams of roaming the Japanese countryside, fighting injustice at every turn. And though we asked Capcom for comment on an American release, considering the first one never arrived, we're not expecting much. Siliconera says the game releases in Japan on September 3 for around $40 (plus airfare).
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