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Monday, 2018-10-22, 8:02 AM
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8:04 PM
Co-Op Ninja Gaiden 2 Sigma PS3
Tecmo has dropped some new screens and video highlighting the new co-op feature in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. With Ryu Hayabusa's recent outings having been exclusively solo affairs, the opportunity to play co-op is definitely a welcome one, even if it is reserved only for special challenge stages. The two videos show off both the online and offline co-op. Co-op offers some neat new gameplay twists, like the ability to resurrect a dead partner -- which we're guessing will happen a lot -- and co-op Ninpo magic maneuvers.

It certainly looks like a good deal of fun, though we can't help but notice that player two seems to spend an awful lot of time off screen during the offline co-op video (find it after the break). Looks like online is the best way to go.
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